Obama’s 20 years with Rev. Wright in 30 seconds

A new ad running in battleground states.

I must be out of touch. I thought that belonging to a lunatic racist church based in a lunatic racist “theology” was an automatic disqualifier for a presidential candidate.

But then I thought that being fellated in the Oval Office bathroom by a White House intern would disqualify, ah, somebody from, ah, something, at least.

I joked a few weeks back that Barack Obama could run naked out of the men’s room at Grand Central Terminal bleeding from his ass and the media would dismiss it as a personal matter.

Can I even say that? Am I allowed to say that?

But maybe it’s not a joke. The media seems totally uninterested in any of the lunatics Obama has allied himself with, especially Jerry Wright. After all, even if Wright does say that the government developed the AIDS virus to commit genocide against blacks, religion is a personal matter. Right?

Frankly, I’d take the Grand Central hypothetical as less worrisome than the real situation where Obama took his two daughters to that church. At least the former had that consenting adults angle.

More: Then there’s this lovely adaptation of the Lord’s Prayer, now featuring Barack as God the Father. Again, I’ll take the Grand Central hypothetical as preferable. I prefer frail human beings, over men who are compared to God, as President of the United States.

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