Listening to Harry Reid, right now

I can’t bear to get up and actually go look at him. The TV is on in another room, but I can hear the awful little wimp.

What to make of a party that makes such a man its leader in the United States Senate.

Granted, there’s bad all over that place, but why such a snivelling shit bag of a man?

I remember once getting preliminary research together for a possible book on George Mitchell when he was the Senate majority leader in the early ’90s. About a month into the process I abandoned the project because there was, essentially, no story to tell. Mitchell was a man without qualities. He was a cipher.

But Harry Reid is less than that. He is primordially a zero. A mere empty suit becomes the gold standard by contrast to Reid.

This was the man, recall, who stood as the majority leader of the United States Senate on the floor of the United States Senate and declared “the war is lost” about Iraq while our brave troops were still on the field of battle and while they were finally winning that war.

What sort of political party let’s a man like that continue to speak for it, especially in a crisis?

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