New Paltz: Another warning on the Crossroads project

Remember this, opponents of Crossroads: Boss Hokanson intends to slam this project through. She’s trying to position it as a “higher good” as she pretends that her understanding of that “good” transcends the riff-raff and usual suspects who stand in opposition.

Two things to look back to in order to understand BoHo’s methodology:

1. Go back and see which consultant the Crossroads developer hired, oh, about two years ago, as its go-between with Boss. Hint: the consultant had long worked for the town and the village. In other words, the Crossroads developer worked the insiders with an insider.

2. Take another look at how Boss treated critics — not opponents — of the town’s wetlands law. They were not people who wanted no wetlands law; they simply wanted a less overarching and intrusive law. They warned the town board that they would litigate if it passed the law as it was, and they did litigate, and they won.

Does anyone recall when that law was passed? Well, it was passed after Boss was first elected supervisor in 2005, but before she took office. In other words, the wetlands law was passed during a lame duck town board meeting while the purged supervisor (purged by his own party well prior to the election), Don Wilen, was still in office. Boss Hokanson was still just a town councilman. She voted with Wilen during his lame duck period and thus avoided having the controversial wetlands law on her plate as she began her term as supervisor. (Now, that’s leadership! Getting rid of the most controversial business before you take over leadership.) Afterwards, she glibly defended the law as it was challenged and after it was struck down.

Boss does not like the public to pay attention, and most of the time the public obliges and does not pay attention.

When the public does pay attention, Boss says that there’s much more of the public out there that’s not paying attention.

Lesson: start focusing on Boss Hokanson and her methods if you don’t want to mysteriously find the Crossroads project under construction and find yourselves asking, “How did that happen?”

“This ain’t no disco.”

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