The spectre of the Great Depression

This is a great post at NR’s The Corner by Jonah Goldberg (author of the fine bestseller Liberal Fascism). Among the matters that Goldberg addresses is the “Hoover did nothing” and the “FDR saved us” narratives. Hoover did a number of things, some of which made the situation worse. And FDR undoubtably made the already bad even worse still and irrefutably prolonged the Depression:

In fact, if anything it was the New Deal itself that made the Great Depression “Great.” By 1938 one in six Americans were still without jobs. It wasn’t until WWII, when FDR started describing himself as “Dr. Win the War” instead of “Dr. New Deal” that America finally started to lift itself out of its state-imposed economic stupor.

Give Jonah’s post a read; it will cost you five minutes and many illusions.

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