Five things I like about Sarah Palin

Number one, and surpassing all others, is that she is a staunchly pro-life woman, with five kids, who walks the walk.

Second, the kids look like they have their heads screwed on right.

Third, she hunts (I don’t, by the way).

Fourth, she was not too long ago the mayor of a small town about the size of New Paltz, which means that she is not far away from that which is local.

Fifth, she is revolted by corruption. I am too.

I didn’t mention her husband, but he’s clearly her partner in this.

Also, I love the fact that she has no Ivy League connections, and apparently had no desire for them. The only thing that gives me pause is that she was a journalism major, but I’m somewhat reassured that she went into business instead of sticking with journalism.

Am I concerned that she’s had no foreign policy experience? Not really. She looks like she could pick the brains of the best foreign policy people that the McCain campaign could throw at her and geopolitics would light right up for her.

But by all means, keep her away from Francis Fukuyama. I would have her sitting down with Victor Davis Hanson, Henry Kissinger, George Schultz, Colin Powell, and General Tommy Franks. Also give her a copy of the military’s counterinsurgency field manual produced under General David Petraeus.

She also needs to see briefing books on China, North Korea, India, Pakistan, Iran, Russia, Europe, etc. With that she needs to have access to people who can answer her questions 24/7.

She’ll be more than ready for Joe Biden, who is a world-class blowhard fantasist when it comes to foreign policy.

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