McCain couldn’t get this, I don’t think, but he might have sensed it.

Alaska is the last living embodiment of the American frontier, and it produces people who really do know the kitchen table and the hearth.

It makes men and women out of very tough and beautiful circumstances, the land as it once was, the truly abject harshness of the seasons.

That stuff still lies sleeping in the American heart. And in the American heartland. It really does go to the aspects of American character that the postmodern flood has nearly drowned.

This pick of an Alaskan woman will come across swell in many places in America, including upstate New York. I was surprised how it got to me almost instantly. I grew up surrounded by strong women like Sarah Palin. Women who really could push the men aside when it was called for and take care of a situation, and do it without relinquishing a grain of their femininity or requiring the men to relinquish a grain of their masculinity.

I loved that line in her introduction speech where she spoke of the “bridge to nowhere,” and how she told Washington “no thank you, if we need a bridge we’ll build it ourselves.”

That’s a game stopper, I think. The contrast between Palin and the buffoon mentalist and his stale running mate will bowl the heartland over.

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