We’ll have a hot time in the old town tonight

Wow. Bill Clinton. He had a hot game tonight.

So sizzling hot that the tension crackling between him at the podium and Michelle up in the Obama box was so, ah, effortless, that someone should have shouted “Get a room” from the floor of the convention.

Can I say that?

The actual text of the speech was the usual folderol from the sly old sociopath. But I must have been in a forgiving mood because I listened to most of it, probably down to that last ten minutes or so where Bill makes sure to account for any of the stray thoughts he might be having in the moment. I haven’t stayed with one of his speeches that long for a long time. He still has his timing, such as it is. As I’m fond of saying, no one gets out of Bill’s Appliances without at least a toaster.

After that I think was when John Kerry came to the podium and though MSNBC didn’t feature the speech end to end, you got enough to have the gist of it. He clearly was handed a good speech, and he delivered it like a good Party man. I’ll leave old Kerry alone, what with the problems he and Teresa are having with bathroom tiles in their Aspen shack.

Then Joe Biden’s son Beau Biden came out to introduce his father, but seemed to be announcing by his manner that yet he too planned on being President, soon enough. I might have detected a panic attack near the end of it, when he spoke as if from a balcony.

And then came Joe Biden hisself, and he made some drama. Mostly the usual stimulation of the appetite for government. Blissfully deranged from history. Watching Biden’s speech I’ve never seen worse condtions in America.

The crowd ate it up.

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