Hillary’s hooters

Great speech. Almost had me convinced to throw myself down the mineshaft of collectivism. I understand that there’s a paradise waiting for me down there. But, alas, I’m afraid of depths.

It was sad, of course, that the morons running the teleprompter stopped the thing before Hillary could read her final line:

“And I proudly accept the nomination of the Democratic Party for President of the United States.”

I’m surprised that she didn’t get to it on her own, without the prompter.

But the heart of the speech, so to speak, was the usual heart of all great Democratic Party oratory, that prolonged moment when Hillary took out the enormous lactating breasts of government and rubbed them in the faces of the assembled.

“No formula tonight!” she was telling them, “we’re putting you all back on the tit, and that’s where you’ll stay, as long as I have anything to say about it.”

Happy tears flowed, at first, then came sleep.

Some further notes:

* I think that Hillary’s cough syrup orange pantsuit was clearly an attempt to confuse and drive-off the gay vote. “How could she do that to us? Is she signalling us not to vote for Barack?”

* When Hillary got to the end of the speech she made a wonderful ad for McCain and the Republicans as her rhetoric soared about how Americans never quit. Match that up in an ad with Obama’s get out of Iraq now trope and Harry Reid’s “the war is lost” and you have a formula for a landslide. Because Hillary is right, most Americans don’t like to quit.

* Over on MSNBC that creature Olbermann did everything but ejaculate in Chris Matthews’ face (which shows the difference between a hack like Olbermann and a pro like Carville, who would show no such hesitation) when the speech was done. He’s sure to be on medical leave soon. “Closed for the season,” the sign on his chair will read.

* No mention of Monica Lewinsky? Who has given more for the Clintons? She wasn’t even in the video.

* It’s strange. MSNBC’s gender-shifting commentator Butch Maddow had gotten an obvious makeover (probably because she was also appearing on the network coverage), but it made her look more manly, not less. The tricks those makeup artists play.

* Much earlier in the evening I noticed that Eleanor Holmes Norton, for whom I’ve always had a soft spot, has had some much needed work done. Good for her.

* Up in the Obama box, during Hillary’s speech, I noted that Michelle has achieved the full supervisory affect as she inspected Comrade Hillary’s work. Michelle’s in charge, here, now, at the White House!

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