Damn, a scheduling conflict

Just read a short blurb in this week’s (8/14) edition of the Nopulse Passive-Aggressor* that reports an organization called New Paltz GreenWorks is sponsoring an event called “Lights Out New Paltz” on September 13, between the hours of eight and nine in the evening. The idea is to turn all of your lights out and head down to a candlelight gathering at Woodstock in a Box (a/k/a the Water Street Market).

By a remarkable coincidence New Paltz Journal is sponsoring, on that very night, at that very hour, “Turn Those Lights on Full Blast New Paltz,” to celebrate the huge American carbon footprint that symbolizes the USA’s remarkable economic achievement and prosperity. NPJ is asking everyone to turn every light in their homes up to the maximum, and to get every appliance going in high gear, and keep their cars running in their driveways with the headlights on.

Using the honor system, households are encouraged to record their kilowatt usage from their electric meters. The highest electricity consumption reported to us for that hour will win an autographed copy of the original lyrics of Malone Vandam’s Mississippi Delta Blues song “Carbon Blues.” Just submit the entry to Vandam via the email contact found on the main page of New Paltz Journal.

* Yes, that’s our latest name for the New Paltz Times.

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