Pat Buchanan’s backasswards geopolitics

I’m referring to the latest apples are oranges fertilizer discharge from Buchanan. I find it incredible and bizarre, for starters.

I thought about cleaning out my garage today, after a couple of fine craftsmen were in there installing a new garage-door opener and the typical mess I’ve allowed to develop over the past year embarrassed me. I apologized to them for it and was reassured by one that his own garage was even worse. He was probably just being polite.

Buchanan’s column miraculously sweeps his own mess of assbackwards geopolitical concepts — the equivalent of all of the crap in my garage — into one pile and bags it. But where would I or anyone else begin in trying to sort it out?

I guess if you read the column and get the picture you’ll understand my reaction. But I’ll let Mao’s old front man, the late Chou En-Lai, give a comprehensive answer of sorts to Buchanan’s blather.

Asked once whether any benefits had come from the French Revolution (of 1789), Chou responded, “It’s too early to tell.” Buchanan, not U.S. foreign policy, is the one living in a dream world.

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