Recovery memoir revenge

Mark Judge serves it cold to New York Times columnist David Carr:

So here we are ten years later and David Carr, who is now a columnist for the New York Times, has produced…a recovery memoir. If the market for these things was saturated ten years ago, by now most of them are so full of cliches that they are all but unreadable. Carr’s is no exception. He was a drunk and crack addict and did a lot of dumb things growing up in Minneapolis. He also beat women, including two girlfriends in one day, one of whom — the future mother of his child — suffered a broken rib. Despite this, Carr managed to land a job as the editor of a Minneapolis weekly, the Twin Cities Reader. It was there he told a female staffer she has a “nice rack.” From there he went, after a stop or two, to the New York Times. Something tells me that if Carr were a Republican the Times would not find his Maileresque romps so forgivable.

On the last point in that paragraph: If Carr were a Republican the Times wouldn’t have hired him, even if he had raised Walter Duranty from the dead so that Duranty could provide his classic reporting for the Obama campaign. Alas, the Times will make due with relative amateurs for that assignment.

If only Stalin knew.

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