Could it be 1980? How about 1972?

That astute chronicler of American politics, Michael Barone, suggests that this presidential election cycle is like the Carter-Ford race in 1976. McQ has found another analysis that says it is like Carter-Reagan in 1980, with Obama in the Reagan role.

I have a slightly different take, based on the vulnerability of Obama:

It’s 1972 and Obama is both McGovern and Eagleton. He is the most vulnerable candidate nominated for president in my recollection.

The Democrats have nominated a folding chair that can’t handle the weight.

So far, I think that McCain has marshaled his resources well and deployed a quiet strategy.

The only question I have about McCain as a candidate is will he get inside on Obama and throw real punches at him. If he does, he wins going away.

If I were making the negative ads about Obama I would show him as a man who is constantly tangled in his own legs. The ads would ask and answer all the questions that reporters are not asking, often because Obama gives them no access to ask them. I would go short on voiceover narration and long on Obama narrating his own confusion. Brief captions would guide the viewer.

More can be done to devastate this clown in 30-second spots precisely because that’s what he is himself — a 30-second spot.

McCain must wage a negative campaign because this is a plebiscite on Obama.


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