Now Goldberg puts Buchanan down for the count, and then punches out a few noisy characters in the ringside seats

Having successfully moved from the light-heavyweight division into the heavyweight limelight with his book Liberal Fascism, Jonah Goldberg knocks out poor old Pat Buchanan (most recently KO’ed in the second round by Victor Hanson).

As one of the great brawlers of yesteryear, Buchanan’s new book on World War II, a what-if history that apparently (I haven’t read it) attempts to normalize Adolph Hitler’s foreign policy goals to argue against the Allies having fought him, has turned out to be that “one fight too many” that aging pugilists take with the dream of recapturing their heyday.

I note that in recent appearances with the idiot Chris Matthews on MSNBC that Buchanan has been touched by Chris with the cattle prod on more than one occasion when he, Pat, has deviated too far from the racing Matthews narrative. It must be difficult for Pat to sit there and actually perform as stupidly as Matthews demands, but when Pat accepts a club-fighter venue where he occasionally finds himself in the ring with Butch Maddow, he must know that the days are gone when he got to negotiate the rules.

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