I repeat, that she’s a slut is the only thing I like about Maureen Dowd

Most people think that being a slut takes no talent, but I say that it’s very much a natural talent, and that Maureen was born with more of it than the next ten girls.

But acknowledging her greatness in that formidable sport (I think she easily gives Madonna a run for her money, in their age class, which isn’t to suggest that Mo has the pure magic of the undisputed heavyweight champ), doesn’t mean that I’ll go so far as to read her columns, which I assume the publisher has been paid in full by Mo to continue to run.

Taking a deep breath a few moments ago, however, I clicked on today’s Dowd column in the Times and was astonished to find that, with Hillary out of sight for the moment, that my little street princess has reverted to a hate “Bush”* effort, with a hate “Cheney” sidecar.

Then I realized that the last time I noted a Dowd column was more than three years ago, where she was found on the same type of stroll, but that time she was doing a hate “Cheney” as the main line, with a hate “Pope Benedict XVI” sidecar.

* Note that I put all the hated objects names in quotes because Mo isn’t writing about the real people, but rather about phantasms produced in her magical slut brain.

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