What to do about Olbermann?

In these days?

Absolutely nothing. He’s a Father Coughlin reincarnation, and he’ll blow himself up.

He’s the self-destruction of NBC News, to which I had a sentimental attachment for much of my life, being a Huntley-Brinkley and Today Show fan from childhood, an admirer of Frank McGee, and of John Chancellor in his pre-heyday (tolerant of him in his heyday).

Olbermann is what happens when the older boys let their own resentments and hatreds get acted out by the new rotten punk in their neighborhood.

And Dan Abrams? He’s the punk’s punk.

These people don’t even know what they are, starting with their permanent job as classic useful idiots for an asymmetrical terrorist enemy who knows exactly what he needs from them and is getting it. (Do I need to elaborate on that for anyone?)

But Olbermann is special. He doesn’t have a priest’s collar like Coughlin. But I recognize the collar that he does wear, and so from now on I’ll call him Ubermann of the MSSNBC.

P.S.: Matthews was the set-up man and enabler for this disgrace. His shifty-eyed, self-contradictory, fast-talker routine suggests a man with pituitary and adrenal irregularities, for starters. But self-abasement takes the lead. I’ve watched this sort of moral abdication before, and once it builds its head of steam it never reverses course until it crashes through the front gate of the insane asylum.

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