I don’t think so, Eric

Eric Florack writes:

There was a better sense of balance in the man than most of the media today…

I think that’s just wrong. He kept a friendly face on it, but I judge a professional by his product, not his smile, and I had absolutely no use for his product. If I had, I would have given him more of my attention. And if he was that big a force at NBC News, then he has to be accorded some of the responsibility for MSNBC, which has long been my morning tune-in cable channel, and which I’ve watched deteriorate to the status of a Nuremberg rally with Reichsfuhrer Olbermann leading the way. (And I’m choosing my analogy carefully.)

The Departed, as well as the grey eminence wannabe Brokaw, sat at the same table with that lunatic, but the Departed had signaled that sort of proclivity back when he invited the creeping political hack Carville to sit regularly with him on Sunday mornings. A person with judgment sufficient to oversee an institution like Meet the Press doesn’t make a choice like that.

The two quotes from Beck that I featured yesterday get very close to absolute precision, although when the time is right I’ll say more about it myself. The jump toward instant canonization over the weekend was especially self-serving for the gaggle of hacks so engaged.

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