Hillary’s hammer

One could not fail to be impressed by the hammering Hillary Clinton gave to Barack Obama yesterday in the Democratic primary in Kentucky. True, Obama won an impressive 17-point victory in Oregon, but Hillary more than doubled that with her 35-point win in the Bluegrass State.

That’s not supposed to happen, where the supposed loser in the nomination contest trounces the presumptive nominee.

As I pointed out here last week, the Obama train has stopped. He is now losing demographic groups that he was winning earlier on. It is the Reverend Wright effect, the “clinging to guns and religion” remark effect, and the wearing off of the Obama trance effect. For all her negatives, Hillary is starting to look good in contrast.

Byron York is out with a piece that says that Hillary is likely to become the Al Gore of 2008 in that she is now probably going to wind up with more popular votes in the primaries and caucuses but lose the nomination (absent yet another bombshell revelation about Obama).

One has to wonder if Democratic bigwigs are now willing to lose with Obama in the general election rather than win with the Clintons, just to get the Clintons off the back of the Party.

I somehow doubt that their motivations could be so pure, but it is astonishing how severe the turn against the Clintons by Party insiders has been. One wonders if that sentiment has thrown Democratic superdelegates into denial about Obama, his unfortunate connections and his electability. They might still be thinking about the Obama of two and half months ago. He is certainly not that candidate now, and he is very unlikely to recover that aura in the general election.

Later: Mark Steyn has a similar take (he even uses “bigwigs”) on Obama and Byron York’s article.

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