Bill Clinton’s finger

Bill Clinton was doing some serious finger-in-your-face stuff yesterday with Fox News anchor Chris Wallace as Wallace tried to interview the former president. I saw about ten seconds of it and said “that’s enough.” You see, I know what Bill Clinton is, and I’ll be happy to get into that another time, but let’s just leave it, for the moment, with the fact that he and the truth are complete strangers to one another, at all times. If you haven’t gotten that far in understanding Bill Clinton, well, you need to start over.

Byron York peformed a post-mortem on Clinton’s self-serving claims about his own tireless effort to kill bin Laden.

UPDATE: More debunking (first item), by James Taranto, of what Clinton said to Wallace.

Of the interview Taranto says, “It has to be seen to be believed.” I agree. I finally sucked it up and watched it. It’s a classic tantrum from the lying little pussy.

In comments afterwards Chris Wallace noted that Clinton is a large and physically intimidating man: “I felt as if a mountain was coming down in front of me.”

Taranto’s advice to Wallace: “Hey Chris, you better put some ice on that.”

Followers of the ex-President’s delicate way with women will know where that line comes from.

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2 Responses to Bill Clinton’s finger

  1. John Sabotta says:

    My friend S. was of the opinion that our beloved ex-President had been hitting the glass girlfriend.

    (not Hillary abuse: but rather, chemical abuse)

  2. John Sabotta says:

    “glass girlfriend” = “glass pipe”

    as in “President Clinton is sucking on his glass girlfriend”

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