As I write…

…Barack Obama’s spiritual mentor Jeremiah Wright is speaking at the National Press Club.

Having already dug Obama’s political grave, Wright has now pushed Obama into it and is presently filling it in with dirt. Perhaps that is as it should be, because Obama has been misleading voters about this relationship all along. And the American media has been assisting him in that deception.

Among other things, Wright says he fully endorses the inventor (my word, chosen carefully) of “black theology,” James Cone, who I’ve quoted at length earlier at this blog.

What Wright is doing, essentially, in terms of race, would find its equivalent in an unhinged leader of the Ku Klux Klan coming before the national press to rationalize the “theology” and purpose of the Klan and white supremacy. Wright is himself nothing but an unhinged racist trying to dress himself up in ersatz scholarship and “theological” rationalizations.

If I had to sum up the essence of what Wright is selling (my word, again chosen carefully) is that slavery, though ended a century and a half ago, is still with us. Blacks are captives; whites are captors. All whites are guilty captors; all blacks are oppressed captives. And if I’m not reading too deeply into his words (and having read Wright’s own mentor, James Cone, I do not believe that I am) it’s time — indeed, it’s always time — to settle the score with the white devil (Cone’s term, borrowed from Malcolm X, not mine).

When Wright speaks of racial “reconciliation,” he doesn’t mean everyone getting along. He means blacks getting whatever they believe they are due from whites — including (according to Cone, again) some sort of submission to blackness and blacks, who are God’s “chosen people.” (Cf. James Cone: Black Theology and Black Power.)

That’s not Christianity, though Wright claims that it is. That is a racist formula, with a healthy dose of Marxism thrown in for good measure, for retribution by blacks against whites, which speaks to the essence of why Wright insists, so strongly, that slavery and the captive/captor relationship is still with us.

I think that Wright’s program comes down to a pretty clear formula and the short way of saying it is: race war.

If American blacks embrace this man, it will set back race relations in this country by a half century.

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