Green anger kid

I was checking out this blog that I’ve never been to before called The Climate Scam, and the most current post was about how kids are being enlisted to promote global warming activism. I wasn’t surprised by the concept so, it being quite late, I just scanned down the page until toward the end of the post I hit a YouTube video produced by Greenpeace.

It’s not just sick, as in a sick joke. It’s demented.

The kid in the video, who may or may not be acting, looks like he (or she, gender being ambiguous) could be forty years old.

Even if this kid is a professional actor, or is just a non-professional kid acting, and doesn’t believe what he or she is saying, the idea that this is a message being communicated to other kids is the result of some sort of ghastly impulse on the part of the producers.

It could be a scene out of 1984. Hit the link and take a look for yourself.

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