It’s good to see that Albany has undergone an orderly transition

And has all its gears working, after the terrible tragedy involving Client 9:

While it is not surprising that a politician would try to help a beleaguered community institution in his district, Mr. Paterson’s role in helping the hospital during the time his wife worked there is noteworthy because he has described himself as a champion of ethics and transparency in the Legislature. Indeed, as the minority leader, he put forward guidelines cautioning Senate Democrats not to give “member items” — discretionary grants that lawmakers dole out to favored constituents — to organizations with which they or their close family members were involved.

During the time he was allocating member items to North General, the hospital was paying Mrs. Paterson about $70,000 a year as director of community and government affairs. In fact, its president has said he hired her specifically to help win support for the hospital in Albany.

Mr. Paterson’s actions also came at a time when he and his wife were trying to repair their marriage. Shortly after becoming governor two weeks ago, Mr. Paterson acknowledged that both he and his wife had had extramarital affairs. But he has said that they worked hard to reconcile their relationship in recent years — starting about the time she worked for the hospital.

That mild-mannered blind man and champion of ethics, thank goodness, was able to patch up his marriage. Without wasting a penny of his own money on any gifts of jewelry.

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