According to the senior Pentagon correspondent’s front page editorial (cleverly camouflaged with the patterns of a news story) in the New Paltz Times, New Paltz town supervisor Toni Hokanson and, ah, friends (including the senior Pentagon correspondent), are just fed up, fed up with the unwillingness of the village board to do what she/they want them to do cooperate on implementing traffic improvements.

What it really boils down to is this:

The town board also said they were unified, with the exception of councilman David Lewis, who only took office this January 1, in requesting that the DOT fund a feasibility study of a one-way paired Main Street.

“This was a recommendation highly prioritized by the CAC as it is one solution which could create a significant impact on our traffic congestion now and into the future,” Hokanson said.

The village board is just as unified in their opposition to a paired one-way study.

The “paired one-way study” is the new name for the One-Way Main Street proposal, which is what is generally recognized by fair-minded people of common sense as a bad idea.

We’ve addressed it on more than one occassion, but here we demolished it.

We don’t think the proponents’ argument that “we recommend the one-way Main Street proposal because we recommend the one-way Main Street proposal” has really gained much traction with the public or the village board. Immune to analysis and criticism of the plan, the proponents continue to reassure that they’ve done all that themselves, but continue to recommend the plan because they recommend it.

Well, it’s time for them to bugger off.

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