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As I said in the last post, this story has no bottom for Barack Obama. Ronald Kessler writes at the Wall Street Journal:

The title of Mr. Obama’s bestseller “The Audacity of Hope” comes from one of Wright’s sermons. Mr. Wright is one of the first people Mr. Obama thanked after his election to the Senate in 2004. Mr. Obama consulted Mr. Wright before deciding to run for president. He prayed privately with Mr. Wright before announcing his candidacy last year.

Mr. Obama obviously would not choose to belong to Mr. Wright’s church and seek his advice unless he agreed with at least some of his views. In light of Mr. Wright’s perspective, Michelle Obama’s comment that she feels proud of America for the first time in her adult life makes perfect sense.

Kessler closes with this gagging understatement:

The media have largely ignored Mr. Obama’s close association with Mr. Wright. This raises legitimate questions about Mr. Obama’s fundamental beliefs about his country. Those questions deserve a clearer answer than Mr. Obama has provided so far.

“Deserve a clearer answer?”

There is no answer. What is Obama going to say, “I did not listen to those sermons” or “it depends on what the meaning of ‘listen’ is?”

(See the post just before this one for the “I don’t necessarily agree…” comparative.)

Did Obama cover his daughters’ ears when the good Pastor Wright preached that the AIDS virus was created by the government, or during his apparently routine rants about “white people?” Or was it just fine for his girls to listen to that? Is Obama going to tell us that he and his wife will let their kids “make up their own minds” about what Wright is teaching? Now there’s a common enough dodge for the modern parent.

I mean, if not for the sake of rationality itself, which would be too much to ask, but merely for the sake of not embarrassing themselves further, would it be too much to ask of the vaunted American media to stop being so afraid of race that they feel compelled to downplay, or misreport, or make excuses for this?

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