That well is bottomless

The well I refer to is the one constituted by Barack Obama’s racist pastor and his racist church.

There is simply no bottom to it. Obama cannot distance himself from a church he has attended for twenty years.

Imagine a white politician trying, “Oh, I just attended those Klan rallies. I profoundly disagree with a lot that the Grand Imperial Wizard said, but he’s like, you know, a family member, like an uncle.”

Obama didn’t simply stop by the church as a courtesy to his constituents. He didn’t just drop in and greet the Reverend Wright warmly and maybe have dinner at his home and listen privately to Wright’s arguments about “his enemies” (white people). Obama joined this church and stayed with it and this preacher’s racist sermons for TWENTY YEARS!

Now, somebody, anybody, tell me why I need to give Obama the benefit of the doubt, and buy his disclaimer that he doesn’t agree with everything his preacher says?

He needed to get up out of his seat in that church a long time ago and find himself another congregation and another preacher, at least if he was thinking of running for President of the United States.

The Reverend Wright is an unhinged racist and black separatist. If Obama’s excuse is that he simply missed that aspect of Wright’s character over these past twenty years, or thought that it just didn’t make any difference to him, as a member of the congregation ,what the pastor was teaching, or that he didn’t mind exposing his young daughters to it, then what does that say about his judgment about anything?

Obama’s slick presentation of himself as a racial reconciliationist cannot be reconciled with where he went to worship on Sundays. And the “who are you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes” defense has already been used up, by another con man called Bill Clinton.

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