More about Spitzer

Apparently it was the IRS, monitoring unusual transactions reported to them by Spitzer’s bank, that caught the governor shoveling dough to front companies. The transactions turned out to be sideways payments to the Emperor’s Club. At first, though, the FBI got involved thinking that they might find political corruption.

Instead, they found the prostitution ring.

It makes me wonder if investigators had been sensitized to the possibility of corruption because Spitzer’s close aides had used state police, at the least unethically, to go after the majority leader of the Republican-controlled state senate, Joe Bruno. Was this pursued because the FBI thought it possible that Spitzer was paying someone off in that case?

Anyway, it was Spitzer’s money that was followed and resulted in the case against the prostitution ring. I wonder if down the road other bigs will be named as clients.

I’d love to know who recommended Emperor’s Club to Spitzer. For some reason I have the feeling that the name of that person would set the world howling. Just a feeling.

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