I’m not a regular reader of Ed Morrissey, though I’ve never heard anything but good things about him. He’s been running a blog called Captain’s Quarters for a few years. Soon he’ll be bringing that to a close and moving over to Hot Air.

Hearing about that move I stopped by Morrissey’s blog, and this line just stopped me dead in my tracks:

The Hillary Clinton campaign has tried just about everything that it can to derail Barack Obama’s improbable rise to front-runner status in the Democratic primaries.

Tried just about everything? The Clintons have generally walked on eggshells around Obama. They’ve “tried just about everything” that a sissy would try. And the reason for that is that they were trying to walk the fine line of beating Obama without pissing off black voters, without whom Hillary could not win the general election.

Obama has skated past them, and Hillary has stood there clapping her hands.

She’s been getting a little nasty the past few days. But Obama is already at first and goal on the five yard line.

I think that one of the Clinton strategies was to wait for Republicans to start taking the shots at Obama, but they seemed to be hip to that and laid off.

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