Are the Clintons over?

Barack Obama crushed Hillary Clinton in yesterday’s Wisconsin primary contest. I was shocked when I saw the results. There had been indications of a comeback for Hillary. With expectations cast low for her, even a two- or three-point loss could have been declared an almost victory.

But Obama hammered her, which suggests to me that Democratic primary voters are just plain sick of the Clintons and have a declining interest in seeing Hillary represent them in the general election.

So, are the Clintons over? Well, I’m the kind of guy who, when I’m watching a shoot ’em up movie, always complains when the bad guy is put down but not out. I always yell at the screen: “Finish the bastard off, you idiot. Don’t you know he’s still got another bullet left in his gun?”

The Clintons are not done this time out. They still have Texas, Ohio, and Pennsylvania to stir up wins. And I will not believe they are finished until they are absolutely finished.

Not even then, however, will I believe it.

These are not ordinary human beings, and I don’t mean that in any positive sense. There will be another election in 2012. Hillary will only be in her mid-60s. Certainly not too old for the presidency. And so they will do what they can, if Obama wins the nomination, to undermine any chance he has of winning the general election. In fact, the harder Obama gets clobbered, the better it will be for the Clintons. Hillary can say to the Party that deserted her: “We tried to tell you he couldn’t win the general, but we forgive you and we’ll be running again. Take advantage of our willingness to sacrifice.”

I am even more shocked that the Clintons are seemingly going down so easy this time out. They don’t look like they have any fight in them at all. They never laid the wood to Obama. Bill was out there doing his own wet work, which turned off everyone in the Party. They seem to have gotten their legs caught in their own race-baited traps.

If Obama finishes well and gets the nomination he will have beaten a formidable political machine that knows no rules. I’ve always believed that he’s the easier candidate to beat in the Fall. The Republicans have problems with the Clintons. And while Obama is in many respects the Son of Clinton, he’s just not slippery enough to get away with a case of advanced liberalism in a moderate to conservative country. And he’s got problems beyond having the highest liberal rating in the Senate, something that John Kerry couldn’t even claim.

He’ll get a “nice job” from a lot of people all over the political lot for dispensing with the Clintons, but I don’t see him wearing well for too long after that. I could be wrong. I never believed that he would knock off the Clintons, for instance. But neither did I believe that the Clintons would not be prepared for a fight. That is more of a mystery than Obama’s success.

Wretchard at The Belmont Club takes the problems facing Obama, if he wins, down to the problems facing the Democratic Party.

I disagree with Wretchard that Obama has no problems unrelated to the problems of the Party, because I believe he has serious problems. I also think that if he does finish the job of beating the Clintons that they will regard him as a problem to be dispensed with in the general election, re-opening the 2012 door for them.

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