It’s “bombs away” for SUNY New Paltz

You just gotta love the leftward tilt to speakers invited to SUNY New Paltz.

I’ve gone up there in recent months to see a film introduced by a veteran antiwar veteran, who seemingly has made a career as an antiwar activist. He and the film — I don’t recall the name of either — were sponsored, in part, by one of the education departments. I stayed for the veteran antiwar veteran’s talk, which rested on the unexamined premise that war is always wrong (at least when waged by the U.S.) and that joining the military is always a mistake.

More recently I went to hear lefty “media critic” Jeff Cohen, sponsored by the Journalism program. I wrote up a quick account of that, which can be found here.

I missed the even more recent appearance by Cynthia McKinney, the former U.S. Congresswoman, who has carved out her own niche on the Left’s lunatic fringe where, among other things, she offers an increasingly fashionable hostility towards Israel.

But now comes the latest, and greatest, offering: the home-grown terrorist Bill Ayers, an old 1960’s Weatherman bomber (literally) who is now teaching teachers as a professor of education.

He’ll be up there next week. I can’t wait.

Me, there’s at least one old Communist I’d like to see speak on campus, but it’s not likely that he’ll be getting an invite anytime soon.

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