George Danskin has died

The Times Herald-Record brings sad news this morning. George Danskin, who gave so much of his time to New Paltz, has died. George was the chairman of the village planning board. For many years George nurtured the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail Association as its president.

I knew George a little and I liked him. He was my neighbor, down the street a ways, and we had many chats about local politics over the past three years.

The news report is short on details, so I still don’t know how old George was, but I would venture a guess that he was 70 or so. He never seemed to give anything away to age, and when I learned that he was seriously ill six weeks ago I said that he always struck me as someone who would glide into his 90s and remain active. He had a lot of vitality and energy and a good sharp mind. I will certainly miss him, as a neighbor and as the man he was on the local scene.

My heartfelt condolences go out to Vici Danskin, who more than matched George’s volunteer efforts for the New Paltz community. The Danskins have done much by example to inspire the community spirit of New Paltz.

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