If a presidential candidate belonged…

…to an all-white church whose pastor made assertions like those made by the pastor of this church, is it conceivable that the candidate would receive the nomination of his party? I’m thinking that we’re witnessing a fairly sophisticated hustle where this has been kept as quiet as it has.

The Republicans aren’t pushing it because now would be the wrong time. The GOP is having a hard enough time finding a candidate, let alone its core principles. Let the Democrats stew in their knowledge of the real background of their “charismatic” candidate. The other candidates in the Democratic field are all commited multiculturalists, for whom this sort of thing is ostensibly O.K., and they will all be prepared to dismiss it anyway since, you know, religion is a “private matter.”

Is it a private matter, really? Would it be a “private matter” if a candidate was a Scientologist or belonged to a racist Christian Identity church? Come to think of it, isn’t the church described at the link a version of a Christian Identity church, with the caveat that the racial identity in question doesn’t happen to be white?

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