Obama camp hits Clintons for acting like white liberals

This sort of thing was so obviously simmering in the background that I had forgotten to expect it to surface, if that makes any sense.

Leave it to Clinton factotum Andrew Cuomo to throw out the “shuck and jive” comment. Doesn’t that just make it a classic moment from the old neighborhood, so to speak. But the thing to see here is the White Liberal Moment from the Clintons. “You kiss my ass.” “No, you kiss mine.” “No, m*****f****r, kiss mine!”

The Clintons are comfortable with blacks so long as they sit in their assigned seats, just the way it has always been with white liberals. Blacks do the same thing to other blacks who don’t sit in their assigned seats and let white liberals say whatever they want about them. Clarence Thomas, Condi Rice, and Thomas Sowell are perfect examples of blacks who simply refuse to sit where they are supposed to. Obama is sitting in the right area to maintain the support of white liberals, but he has his leg dangling over the line into the reserved Clinton box. That, I believe, will not be working out for him because it won’t be working out for the Clintons.

But criticism of Obama has been ruled off-limits by at least some black Democrats, and that is the backdrop for Obama’s counterattack (about which he will maintain plausible deniability, but was certainly asked to sign off on). My guess is that he really needed to save that for later in the primary season. Now that he has (through his factotums) played the race card, it will get chewed up in a few news cycles, and he won’t be able to use it again, especially if black voters already suspicious of his black credentials don’t ditch the Clintons, about whom they have rather romantic notions and don’t see for the depraved political animals that they are.

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