Attention diversity mongers: Look north

“Diversity” is an ongoing big deal around New Paltz. I just caught a few minutes, via a channel 23 replay, of the New Paltz school system’s “diversity committee” reporting to the board of education. The way this stuff is packaged, especially with the sotto voce presentations filled with abstractions and hints of white shame and guilt, it’s hard to know what they’re actually forcing onto the teachers and students with their “training” and “culture of acceptance.”

But what “diversity” means at its most fundamental level is “we’re replacing your values with ours.” The job of the schools, with regard to the treatment of others, needs to be “when you walk through these doors, and as long as you’re here, you will be treated with respect and you are expected to treat everyone else with respect. Period.” But to bring in “diversity consultants” who are free to use their biases and their overwrought conceptual apparatus to comb through social and individual psychologies in the schools is to enact ipso facto a cultural and political agenda that is beyond the scope of public education.

What lies down the road with this “diversity” and “multiculturalist” political movement? Well, here, take a look at how far it has gone in Canada: “No Defendant Has Ever Won.”

All schools should be fair and require courtesy and respect between students and teachers and between students and their peers. “Diversity” mongering is something else, and parents might want to examine just what sort of social engineering is being performed on their children and take note of whether it passively contradicts or even actively opposes the values that they are trying to instill in their kids. Much of this “training” sounds quite vague, but we already know that it gets turned up a notch in college, and this could be laying the groundwork for that.

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