Coming soon: Vandam’s one-way Main Street feasibility study

Yes, I intend to get to it after I recover from Christmas dinner, which should be around next Friday. (Dinner is preceded by days of cleaning, shopping, cooking, and heavy drinking, as experienced Christians are well aware.) The research is essentially done; I just have to pull it all together and express it with the charm and excitement that readers of this blog have come to expect.

I understand that the New York State Department of Transportation is willing to lay out $300 grand for a feasibility study, so when I’m finished I’ll be expecting a check, with a bonus for completing it in record time.

For storing a working model of New Paltz roadways in my head these past several months, I might file an expense report as well. Having that much traffic circulating through one’s mind can be quite distracting, especially at night when the cars have their headlights on.

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