Well, yes, if “often” means “always”

Victor Davis Hanson, trying his hand at everyday political commentary, on the fulltime entry of the Big He into Hillary’s campaign:

Bill Clinton often comes across as a narcissist.

Hanson suggests that Bill could be more a hindrance than a help to Hillary. That might be true in the general election, but with Democratic primary voters he still has a large cult of personality that cannot resist him.

I suspect that this shift from background to foreground, though, has more to do with his enforcement role. Prominent Democrats are warned by his ominous presence not to cross his wife. Opponents are warned that while he can strike at them with impunity, they must be careful how they respond, or not respond at all. Hillary’s campaign staff is put on alert that he’ll be watching to make sure they keep a thumb on the scale as they sell her to voters. There will be no cheating on cheating while Bill is around. And journalists, the easiest of the lot to scare, will know that Bill’s foot-long finger and angry red face will be in their faces should they ask hard questions or engage in wayward reporting. They must, however, make sure they give thorough and juicy coverage to orchestrated revelations regarding Barack Obama or John Edwards.

This is the way. There is naught other.

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