Cartoon 3

This is a three-panel New Paltz cartoon in which the dramatis personae are New Paltz town supervisor Toni Hokanson, the former boy mayor of the village of New Paltz, Jason West, and in an off-camera roll the superintendant of New Paltz schools, Maria Rice.

Toni and Jason, seen from a high angle shot through the front window of P&Gs, are seated opposite each other in a booth. They are sharing Chinese food from containers they’ve brown bagged, to the consternation of two waitresses who look on from the background.

“Have you read the studies,” Jason asks Toni, “that say it is now possible to fool all of the people all of the time?”

“Yes, I have,” Toni responds, “Maria Rice sent them to me. Did you hear that the conditions at town hall are intolerable and we have to get a new building immediately?”

“No,” Jason answers, “but I heard that conditions at police headquarters are intolerable and that they need a new building immediately.”

“That’s right,” Toni adds, “It’s just like the conditions at the district office of the New Paltz school system, they were intolerable, and required a new building immediately.”

“I see,” Jason says, “And I think that conditions at the Middle School appear to be heading towards the intolerable and that a new building is going to be required, fairly immediately.”

“That’s certain,” agrees Toni. “The intolerable conditions in that building have been in the works for a while. Let’s hope those studies Maria sent me know what they’re talking about.”

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