So, that’s what it’s really about

A few weeks ago we commented on a proposed new “civil rights” law that the New Paltz village board was being urged to pass. The law would locally outlaw discrimination on the basis of “gender identity” and “gender expression.”

We took the proposed law somewhat at face value, probably because the woman who appeared before the board to recommend it was so pleasant, but we still recognized it as part of the general postmodernist project to separate gender from biology.

Postmodernism, briefly, pretends to eviscerate reality and then stuff its carcass with narrative, at least until the pretense fails and reality reappears to collect on the loan, inclusive of the vig, it has made to abstracted sensibility. Any narrative will do as stuffing — hence, “multiculturalism” — but those narratives that entail gender and race, matched to certain academic tastes, are currently the featured narratives most popular for stuffing the carcass. (Our apologies to the metaphor police.)

And we should point out that we are not referring here to narratives of objective reality, which always have a subjective element to them, but rather to subjective narratives that deny objective reality and pretend to take its place. This is a long step beyond the classic prescriptive to “do your own thing” over and against standards and principles. This kind of narrative is an over-and-against-objective-reality-itself narrative. It’s a “who are you gonna believe, me or your lyin’ eyes” narrative.

Now comes a report from the American Spectator that examines the fuller and remarkably unappealing political agenda behind the aforesaid “civil rights” law.

Don’t be surprised if this is already happening up on our charming local SUNY campus, and fasten your seatbelts for when it starts making sounds in the New Paltz public schools.

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