Hokanson Time

A bit earlier I linked to and excerpted from a Times-Herald Record article. New Paltz town supervisor Toni Hokanson is quoted claiming that even 14 years ago it would take 35 minutes round-trip to drop her daughter off at her job at McDonald’s on Main Street from the Hokanson home on North Putt Corners Road. (This in reference to traffic problems in New Paltz and the need for a one-way Main Street.)

So, I hopped in the Vandammobile with the life-like robotic security hound and did the circuit from the north end of North Putt Corners to the McDonalds on Main and back again via Duzine and Dubois. The round trip takes ten minutes, including a quick dip into the McDonald’s parking lot sufficient to drop a rider off. Hokanson is essentially claiming that she was delayed 25 minutes between the Putt Corners traffic light and McDonalds, which is roughly a distance of a quarter mile. That’s ludicrous, of course. (Maybe subtract from that 25 minute delay a minute or two for the time it takes to make a right on leaving the McDonald’s lot.) So one can safely conclude that Hokanson has made this story up.

What else has she made up?

Or perhaps she’s including the time it took for her to stop into McDonald’s to grab a Big Mac and an order of fries. That might account for some of the extra 25 minutes.

Ahh, it’s nice to get out and do some fieldwork.

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