Wrong Way Hokanson

In pitching her case for the “One-Way Main Street” idiocy, New Paltz town supervisor Toni Hokanson offers this story to the Times-Herald Record:

“The traffic isn’t just a weekend thing, and it’s nothing new,” she said. “I remember driving my daughter from our home on North Putt Corners Road to work at McDonald’s (on Main Street), a round-trip distance of about five miles.”

“It would take 35 minutes.”

She noted drily that her daughter was 15 years old at the time.

“She’s 29 now.”

I won’t question the 35 minutes (Later note: actually I will question it, two posts along), although half of it conceivably could have been eaten up trying to make a left-hand turn back out of the MacDonald’s lot. (Your more relaxed bet is to make a right out of the lot and then take Duzine back to DuBois and take that back to North Putt.) But Hokanson isn’t talking about a stretch of Main Street that would even be affected by the one-way idea, and that’s one part of the problem (there are many parts) with the plan. It takes you on a detour that puts you right back onto Main Street at Manheim, well before you would get anywhere near the MacDonald’s. The plan doesn’t solve any traffic problems.

So Hokanson, as she frequently does, makes a nonsensical argument. What a sadness it is that the New Paltz Republicans have failed to field a candidate in opposition to Hokanson and allowed her run unopposed in the upcoming election.

Also note that the Times-Herald Record reporter misspells New Paltz mayor Terry Dungan’s name.

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