More from the UK “hate crimes” file

The other day I posted something from the UK’s Guardian about the high anxiety of British kids. In my comments I mentioned that in the UK you could get a visit from Scotland Yard for making a spare comment about “gay marriage,” but that Muslim clerics could rant hatred in mosques under toleration of the government.

Well, here is the story of a British priest who got visited by the Scotland Yard diversity squad for making a harmless comment in his parish internet bulletin about a lawsuit by a Muslim girl.

Yes, it all worked out. But suppose the priest had real, serious, and legitimate complaints about Islam in general and the behavior of Muslims in the UK in specific?

Would that be regarded as “inciting racial hatred?” (The answer is “yes, it would.”)

Yet, despite being accused of turning a blind eye to the inflammatory remarks of some Muslim preachers of hate, [Scotland Yard] still found time to quiz [Fr.] Hayes.

Is the UK finished or is it finished? Would you like to see these sorts of conditions replicated here, in North America? Well, hop in the car and drive on up to Canada. They’re keeping pace up there.

Link via Eric Florack.

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