About “long wars” as the worse option

Beck has a long ruminative post, with copious links, that focuses in on what the United States did at the end of World War II vis a vis the Soviet Union.

I will not discuss this in any depth right now, but I think that there is a good case to be made — even if it does enter the dubious realm of “What If?” history — that the U.S. would have done itself and the world a favor if it had taken down the Soviet regime after 1945 and had prepared to do so from the beginning of the war. It is true that Kennan’s theory of how the Soviets would collapse was correct, but it didn’t take into account the damage that was done to Western society by the Cold War.

This may well be instructive as to how vigorously we fight Islamist terrorism, although comparing radical Islam to Soviet communism is a tough match.

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