Norman Rockwell on Dubois Drive

Late yesterday afternoon I headed out to get some dinner groceries and instead of driving straight home after the store I took a spin through town, hoping to very briefly air my airy head out after a long day staring into this screen in front of me.

So I get onto Dubois Drive off of 32 North to go up to Prospect. About halfway between point A and point B, I see this kid walking a dog.

The kid is about eight, I guess, and the dog is older than he is by a few years. By the greyness of the old blackie’s snoot I’m guessing he’s close to twelve. But he was fantastically unruly and lurching the young man around at the other end of the leash. The kid, however, isn’t out of sorts about it. He’s still young enough to be happy to be left alone with a responsibility and he seemed determined to measure up to the task.

I’m not doing it justice. It was a beautiful scene, the kid with the old dog. If I had been on foot as I passed I would have told the kid: “That’s a fine dog you have there.”

By the time I turned onto Prospect the image had me on the verge of tears.

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