Cavuto Contrast

It’s been a slow day here at Vandam Manor. After a lousy night’s sleep and seven varieties of indigestion, I threw together a morning of puttering around followed by an afternoon of inactivity. That landed me, a quarter hour ago, in front of the television watching Neil Cavuto, the Fox News afternoon business guy.

The first thing I find out is that the Democrats have gone lax, or perhaps just cheap, and removed the armed guard from the door to the Party’s mausoleum and Michael Dukakis was allowed to escape. Fox News’ producers, always looking to embarrass Democrats, must have spotted Dukakis roaming the streets and invited him into the studio for an interview. Before anyone could stop him he gave advice on how to defeat the Republicans in the ’08 election. He also described Hillary Clinton as a “nice person,” which has to be a first. I’m sure she won’t appreciate it when she hears.

Next up was the ubiquitous writer, actor, and dead-pan comic, Ben Stein, who thankfully has an old-fashioned American distrust of authority. He was livid about the police tactics in the Larry Craig toilet caper, and he wasn’t shy about saying so. “Gestapo” was a word he repeated several times, and he insisted that Craig had done nothing wrong. Stein thought that the cop was the offending party, using an entrapment scheme that didn’t pass the smell test, not even in an airport pissoir.

Stein was also pissed off, if I may now use that term, at the typical Republican instinct to throw Craig immediately to the wolves. He failed to point out that when Democrats are caught in far worse situations than Craig that they are rewarded with committee chairmanships.

Anyway, I could watch Ben Stein all day long, especially if it means that Dukakis never makes it out of the green room and has to be “rescheduled.”

And now it’s 5:00 p.m.; the cocktail hour has arrived. Labor not this Labor Day weekend.

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