Not quite the kiss of death for John Edwards

Jimmy Carter praised him, but stopped short of endorsing Edwards.

Then Edwards got into the saddle of his high horse Hypocrisy (a lovely bay gelding) and tried to ride away, but Amber from the RNC wouldn’t let him:

“My own view is that we don’t need a surge in Baghdad, we need a surge in New Orleans,” he told hundreds of students who gathered at Wednesday’s convocation.

“It’s a national embarrassment,” he said to loud applause.

Amber Wilkerson, a spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee, said Edwards “fails to mention that he earned hundreds of thousands of dollars from a hedge fund that was involved in foreclosures on Katrina victims.”

Wilkerson was referring to Edwards’ reported $16 million investment in Fortress Investment Group. Edwards promised this week to cut financial ties to the company, which sued to foreclose on 34 New Orleans homeowners.

Praising Carter for his anti-poverty work after leaving the White House, Edwards hit upon the “two Americas” theme that has been a mainstay of his campaign.

“Economic growth has been limited to the richest Americans and multinational corporations. It does not flow to the poorest Americans,” he said.

Ah, the populist demagogue, in all his splendor.

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