This poor guy…

Richard Jewell has died.

He was the security guard who was falsely accused of the Olympic Park bombing in Atlanta during the ’96 Olympics:

Jewell was working as a private security guard in Centennial Olympic Park about 1 a.m. on July 27 when he noticed a suspicious unidentified package and began moving people away from it. The package turned out to contain a bomb, which eventually killed one person and wounded more than 100.

Initially hailed a hero for moving people away, he was later cast in a different light when the FBI began investigating whether he had set off the bomb to give himself an opportunity to be a hero.

For weeks, reporters and camera crews camped outside Jewell’s Atlanta apartment, capturing every move that he — and the FBI — made.

He later sued the FBI and several media organizations. CNN and NBC were among the organizations that settled with him.

That whole thing was awful. The guy did his job and saved people’s lives, and then got set up to take the fall for the bombing.

Jewell was 44.

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