Larry Craig and the public toilet

I guess everyone has by now heard something about Idaho senator Larry Craig getting busted for behavior suggestive of lewdness in a toilet stall in the Minneapolis airport.

It strikes me as not quite a high-priority mission when a police officer is put out on an undercover assignment in a public toilet for the purpose of trying to catch someone making a suggestion of lewdness. Perhaps I’m naive and there’s a deep public policy purpose here.

Larry Craig will get recycled through Hell for this, and no one is going to be terribly sympathetic toward him because he is a U.S. Senator, and I’m guessing that we all think a U.S. Senator shouldn’t be engaging in a “wide stance” in a toilet stall adjacent to one occupied by an undercover cop.

It’s all very odd. But I’m not sure whether it more destroys the glamor of being a U.S. Senator or of being an undercover cop.

Is this all part of an attempt to make public toilets safe for snorting cocaine?

Wouldn’t a washroom attendant, equipped with sincere deference and various bottles of cologne and after-shave lotions, solve the potential lewdness problem? Or is washroom attendant now one of those jobs that Americans won’t do? I’m thinking that going undercover in the public toilet has got to be one of those jobs that Americans won’t do either, in that case.

What did the police officer who busted Craig do to earn that assignment, is what I want to know.

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