Moriello Pool Bathhouse 2

Sequels are always fun. No?

If you enjoyed the wonderful comedy of the Moriello Pool bathhouse project, then don’t miss the hijinks that are building around the up-coming construction of the community center, which is scheduled to be built behind the town hall. I believe that the start date is tentatively set for October 1.

The community center is a project that is to be built for the town by the company that operates the medical center that’s across Main Street from Shop-Rite. It was a deal negotiated by local genius and former New Paltz town supervisor Susan Zimet. Instead of paying taxes, the medical center people will build the community center, is what the deal comes down to.

Oh, did I mention that the deal is now ten years old? That technically makes it older than the Moriello bathhouse project, but since the community center hasn’t actually been under construction we can’t really start the clock until current supervisor Toni Hokanson poses with a shovel at the ground-breaking ceremony.

There’s a fun congnitive dissonance aspect to all this. It’s that the town government is now desperately trying to find a new town hall. They want to make sure they get that done before local taxpayers wake up from their summer slumber and figure out what’s going on.

So, the new community center might wind up getting built behind an empty building that the town will need to get rid of.

What will happen with the community center after that is anyone’s guess. Thank goodness it will only be built “in theory” before then.

One might say that the bloom is off the rose when it comes to the community center.

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