New Paltz: The Jason West footnote is unveiled

After he was purged by the Party in the 2015 village mayoral election, Jason West assumed immediate footnote status in the local political milieu. The footnote remained unwritten, however,  and just sat out there as a superscript asterisk in the cloud of New Paltz herstory. Jason moved along to saving the Wallkill river, about which I thought, “the poor Wallkill.”

I admit to wanting to like West, even as I now accept that he’s a lifer in The Cause. I was sympathetic when he had to take to the hills of our therapeutic society to be pronounced bipolar. That’s the modern replacement for getting absolution in the confessional. Sins are not forgiven, they’re diagnosed.

Now the text of the footnote is available, as yet another public relations effort on West’s behalf at the Party weekly, the Fidelpaltz Giftshop-Leninist.* It’s in the July 14 Bastille Day edition.

It is a sad pro-forma reach around by the paper’s sports reporter, Rich Corozine. But then what would one expect in a footnote? There aren’t a lot of dispatches in the Giftshop-Leninist that begin with anything remotely like, “We were somewhere around Barstow on the edge of the desert when the drugs began to take hold.” This is a generic Party town now and the paper conforms to that model.

Fortunately, the piece isn’t available yet at the paper’s online version, so I can’t tempt readers here with a link.

* Known to itself as the New Paltz Times.

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