New Paltz Spring

The wind blew the garbage dumpsters over last night.

It must have been the result of Donald Trump supporters and the people who watch Fox News. (This is the new mimetic contagion sweeping progressive communities everywhere, apparently.)

This is a progressive community, he said, where people share and listen to all points of view, but we don’t want to become a place with people who watch Fox News or attend Trump rallies, because we want to consider and share all points of view.

That reasoning is what I heard from one of the local progressive type people who, as he says, all have open minds to all points of view and let’s not demonize people in a way that creates a chilling effect on their ability to express their views.

Did you see that sieg heil salute that his followers gave Donald Trump? Well, it didn’t happen, but can you at least imagine it? We want all points of view expressed, unlike those who watch Fox News or attend Trump rallies.

I won’t embarrass that idiot by naming him.

Then came the woman who wanted a safe place to dissent, without that chilling effect of actually having to do the actual dissenting. Trust me, she said, it’s nerve-wrenching, to have the chilling fingernails of oppression sunk into your unsafe dissent.

Then there was the town board refusing to even discuss a motion by Jeff Logan by refusing to second it — something that without question was arranged in advance by the four members who sat there silently. This was confirmed when Logan, attempting to discuss his motion after not getting a second, was silenced by a hurried motion to adjourn, which was seconded and passed.

Cowards. Supervisor Generic looked like a fool. The board wanted a safe place from the nasty controversy.

This bears watching.

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