Is the Daily Serf being raped by a hacker?

The Daily Serf (known to itself as the Daily Freeman) out of Kingston, N.Y. appears to be running a sick political cartoon against its will.

The cartoon first appeared, as best as I can tell, in the online edition of the Serf the day before the murders in Paris. It keeps bobbing around the editorial page, disappearing and reappearing, here and there, and showing up in the top spot.

It’s an utterly contemptible and idiotic cartoon, suggesting moral equivalence between ISIS beheadings and U.S. drone attacks on terrorists. While that kind of stupidity is not unknown along the Woodstock-New Paltz axis, the identity of the author of the cartoon is not clear and is accompanied by no signature or identification of its classification — it’s not a “letter” to the editor, for instance. And I’m fairly certain that it’s nothing that the editors of the Serf would hang up there as their choice of cartoon.

I could get in touch with the managing editor and ask him about it, but I don’t want to embarrass him, if in fact his online edition has been invaded by a hacker and he can’t do anything about it. The cartoon has been up and down on that page for over a week now. Even more embarrassing, of course, would be if the editors are intentionally running it.

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