New Paltz: My negligence

As always, I feel terrible at having missed a half dozen, at least, important political events, happenings, meetings, and things otherwise uncategorizable. I am negligent in my local duties, as I see them.

There was the flap over whether or not the town planning board would say the Pledge of Allegiance before meetings. Now, do I want to explore that and have a good time with it? Oh, yes. Will I? No. Not yet. First I want to finish my platter of vegan chocolates and then throw up.

There was the strange closing down of a newer favorite among local pub restaurants — Shea O’Brien’s. It was the place I could get Mr. Rizzi to go to, so that would make it one of a kind.

There was the sad loss of a longtime manager of the now long gone Ariel bookstore, Dan Schmidt. He and I were not friends but he was one of those people who characterized the downtown for decades.

There was an election, where the generics won again. We now have a generic mayor in the village and a generic supervisor for the town. And my theory is that that is the result of having an increasingly generic population. Generics, of course, are not really individuals, not in the American sense of the word, and so of course they are all reflexively Progs — Progressives, with a natural standpoint that maintains a good distance between themselves and reality, and you don’t have to listen to them to know what will be coming out of their mouths. Watching them do government is like being the faculty advisor to the student council. The self-importance of the self-anointed playahs always with an eye on blueprints for their pyramids. Now it’s going to be the “joint government complex” out by the decommissioned town hall. (It’s Zimet’s idea, and though a Prog, she’s no generic, but it’s the generics she’ll be leaving it to as she departs…)

And I missed town council member Jeff Logan getting into a the-police-were-called dispute with former village trustee Ariana Basco. The issue was Logan’s campaign signs, which had been plucked from the ground. He found them leaning against Basco’s house. I’ve always thought that Logan was smart, but now I’m starting to like his capacity for getting into trouble. (As my friend the Mad Scientist used to say about me, “when he drinks Jack Daniels, he fights,” so I appreciate a knack for trouble when I see it.) Last time out Logan got taped being really really mean to council member Tom Ripley, really mean, and Tom reported Logan to the principal’s office.

I’m sure there’s more, but I’ve been so negligent that I can’t dredge it up. Does anyone happen to know a good entry point for the Millbrook Preserve? Madam Vandam wants to take a look at it.

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